Victoria's Secret Under Fire for "Sexy Little Geisha" Lingerie

In Fashion by Wendy Michaels , on Tuesday, September 25, 2012, 9:35 AM (PDT)
victoria's secret
Victoria's Secret "Go East" collection


Is Victoria's Secret "Go East" Collection Racist?

There's a certain level of sexy that we've come to expect from Victoria's Secret, but the lingerie company is now under fire for something more than just their garments' sex appeal.

Victoria's Secret is facing critics of their "Sexy Little Geisha" outfit, most notably from the website Racialicious.

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Nina Jacinto writes on the site: "It's a narrative that says the culture can be completely stripped of its realness in order to fulfill our fantasies of a safe and non-threatening, mysterious East."

She adds that "it's a troubling attempt to sidestep authentic representation and humanization of a culture and opt instead for racialized fetishizing against Asian women."

What about the outfit, part of Victoria's Secret's "Go East" collection, is upsetting folks?

It's a mesh teddy that has "Eastern-inspired" touches like floral print fabric and an obi belt.

The "Sexy Little Geisha" outfit, which also comes with a fan and chopsticks, promises to be "your ticket to an exotic adventure."

So, yeah. It's all around pretty tacky, but what do you expect?

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In response to the criticism, however, Victoria's Secret has removed the Go East collection from their website.

Do you think their Sexy Little Geisha outfit is offensive?

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Comments (2)
Posted By tamera (1 year ago)
oh awesome design of lingerie its so stylish and unique
Posted By tamera (1 year ago)
great collection of lingerie
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