WATCH: 'A Christmas Story 2' Trailer [VIDEO]

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, December 20, 2012, 10:15 AM (PST)
'A Christmas Story 2'


'A Christmas Story' Sequel Coming to DVD, Blu-ray

This is complete and utter nonsense that may lead you to wanting to shoot your own eye out with a Red Ryder bb gun.

Check out the trailer for A Christmas Story 2, a sequel that's getting the straight-to-DVD treatment.

A Christmas Story, the 1983 classic that follows Ralphie and his quest for the toy of his dreams, is finally getting a follow up.

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For anyone who ever wondered what happened to Ralphie, wonder no more, as A Christmas Story 2 catches up with the kid five years later.

This time, he's moved on from a BB gun and onto wanting a car.

All of your favorite characters return too -- Randy, Flick and Schwartz, and of course, Ralphie's parents. Only, since it's been nearly THIRTY years since the original, none of the actors are back. (Have you seen Peter Billingsley/Ralphie lately?) Oh, Daniel Stern, what are you doing in this movie? Sigh.

His little brother even gets a new outfit from Aunt Claire this go-around, though it's not nearly as embarrassing as Ralphie's pink bunny outfit. Even the leg lamp makes a comeback.

If the trailer is any indication, the whole thing looks downright anemic in the laughs department.

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If you're inclined to catch up with Ralphie and the gang, you can look for the A Christmas Story 2 DVD or Blu-ray on October 30th, 2012.

Needless to say,fans of the original are outraged by what looks to be a disgraceful (and entirely un-necessary) sequel.



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