WATCH: Calvin Klein Model Matthew Terry On Taking it (Almost) All Off [VIDEO]

In Beauty by LimeLife , on Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 9:05 AM (PDT)
matthew terry


Meet Matthew Terry, The Man Behind the Calvin Klein Ad

Raven's QB Joe Flacco may have been the Super Bowl's MVP but model Matthew Terry has become quite the superstar in his own right.

Calvin Klein's first underwear ad to air during a Super Bowl garnered a LOT of attention Sunday - and, model Matthew Terry's chiseled Adonis body was mostly responsible for it - despite the fact he wasn't aware what a life changer the spot would be.

"I really had no idea what could actually happen after the commercial hit," Terry said on Good Morning America today.

The 22 year-old Bath, Pennsylvania model says that he hit the gym religiously to get into good enough shape to be shot from nearly every conceivable angle for the provactive ad for Calvin Klein's new "concept" underwear.

"I try to go to the gym at least five times a week," he said on GMA. "Make it part of my daily routine, like getting up and showering. YOu've also got to ear ... Some people think going to the gym makes the whole thing, but you have to finish your workout with a good meal."

I'm sure he'd have no trouble finding any number of people who'd be more than willing to break bread with him post-workout -- or any time for that matter.

In case you missed the commercial when it aired live, here it is below. You're welcome.

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