WATCH: Emilio Masella's 'Fist Pumping 4 Love' Trailer

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Monday, May 10, 2010, 11:09 AM (PDT)
fist pumping for love
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Wow, that was fast

It seems like just yesterday we heard that Emilio Masella was dumped by his Jersey Shore girlfriend, Snooki. And then, that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were producing a reality show for him called Fist Pumping 4 Love. And now, a "trailer" is alread being released. Well, kind of.

Leave it to Spencer Pratt. Just a couple weeks after announcing he would be creating a love-finding reality show for Emilio Masella, he has a "teaser" trailer up. And let's just say it's pretty horrible. They most definitely should have waited until they had something a bit  more concrete. You know, other than Emilio's biceps.

Judging from Spencer Pratt's Twitter stream, lots is going on on the set of Fist Pumping 4 Love. In fact, it looks like they're even building an entire house for Emilio... You know, to bring the lucky ladies back to.

So, what does the little trailer show? Well, it basically shows Emilio flexing his muscles and making out with girls. Annnd that's about it. Not to mention, it's shoddy homemade quality and most definitely does not look like something anyone would want to watch. We have a feeling Snooki is sitting on the beach laughing into her money; and we can't blame her.

Pratt productions (ha!) is still shopping this show around to cable networks, and who knows if they'll actually find one. This could end up being an incredibly expensive failure of a project for Spencer and Heidi Pratt. But then again, they already know what that's like.



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Posted By italia (4 years ago)
yo where can i buy those glasses he has on email me somebody please
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