WATCH: Furby 2.0 Coming Holiday 2012: New Apps, Updated Features

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, July 09, 2012, 1:35 PM (PDT)
Hasbro relaunching Furby for 2012


Furby 2.0 Gets Upgrades for 2012 Holiday Release

A 90s favorite is getting a makeover and returning to shelves ... Hasbro is gearing up to relaunch Furby!


For the uninitiated, Furby rocked the 1998 holiday season, making it the must-have toy of the year and delighting kids the nation over.

The toy's popularity sunk like a brick shortly thereafter.

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Never fear -- because Furby is back and the furry dude is getting a major upgrade for 2012.

What's in store for the new and improved Furby? Look for the loveable electronic device to have new bells and whistles, including apps and new sensors.

Mashable reports that the new Furby has LCD eyes and is covered in blue-green fur, as well as has a more active body and the ability to dance and wiggle its ears.

The site shares, "Like the first generation, Furby 2.0 has the ability to communicate with other Furbys. When Furby speaks, and another is nearby, it can discern the "Furbish" language and respond, apparently. It can also respond to human voices, and even pick up on tone. There's even a Furby iOS app, which sends inaudible sound codes to the toy."

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Look for Furby in stores this holiday season for $60. Will Furbys be the hot holiday toy once again?



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