WATCH: Hasbro Unveils New Monopoly Token [VIDEO]

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A New Monopoly Token Has Been Chosen - And One's Being Retired

Hasbro, makers of the Monopoly board game for nearly 80 years, asked online voters to pick their favorite token among 5 new offerings, and to tell them which of the existing ones they liked least. Now, the results are in and, frankly, I'm shocked!

Online voters had until midnight last night to choose between a robot, a diamond ring, a cat, a helicopter and a guitar.

Which of these new offerings did fans from 120 countries around the world find most appealing? The cat. WHAT?  Really? How cute is that robot? Or the guitar? Heck, the cat is my least favorite of them all.

The rationale for the feline piece was explained in a statement by Hasbro's VP of marketing, Jonathan Berkowitz who said, "Because there's a Scottie dog, there was always a conversation about, 'Should there be a cat?' so that's how it ended up being one of the options for the voting."

And, to add further insult to injury, the tokens we all grew up playing with, the car, thimble, boot, Scottie dog, battleship, hat, iron and wheelbarrow, ran a popularity contest and guess which one lost? The iron!  Sniff. I loved the iron.

Hasbro will release a limited time version of the game that includes ALL the old pieces as well as all the contenders from this round of voting and then in the fall, they'll roll out the new sets that no longer contain the iron. "We're going to keep listening to our fans," Berkowitz said. "We're going to make sure we keep Monopoly current and exciting, as we're doing with the token vote."


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Which token would you have voted for?

  1. Robot
  2. Diamond Ring
  3. Cat
  4. Helicopter
  5. Guitar


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