WATCH: Model Kate Upton's Sexy Easter Video

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Sunday, April 08, 2012, 3:40 PM (PDT)
kate upton
Kate Upton


Kate Upton Sexy Easter Bunny Video

Kate Upton has got the whole sexy thing down, as she demonstrates in this racy Easter video.

Upton, who earlier this year seductively ate a Carl's Jr. burger, is back with another sexy installment for the Easter holiday.

Upton dresses as an Easter bunny -- well, if the Easter bunny wore a bra and panties.

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She even sports the bunny ears and tail while having a little grown-up Easter fun, including decorating eggs and putting them in her bra.

She's also seen hopping around and shaking her little bunny tale, as well as teasing viewers a bit by pulling her underwear down just a little and bending over to show off her abundant cleavage.

Of course, those looking to see even more of Upton will be happy to note that when she wipes the egg dye off on her top, there's a bit of a nip slip.

Things take a weird turn, however, when Upton sips from a rabbit's water bottle.

She also eats a cupcake, giving fans the chance to see her lick her lips (seriously, why else have her eating a cupcake?)

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This rather odd Easter video comes courtesy of LOVE magazine and no doubt is a huge turn-on to anyone wanting to see a gorgeous model in a bunny costume.



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