Want To Know If He Has An STD? Smell Him

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Is it just me or does it smell like disease in here?


Russian Scientists Ask Women To Smell Sweaty Dudes

You know that old saying, "the nose knows"? Well, turns out it's true. According to a new study, you can tell if a man has an STD by getting a good whiff of him.

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The study, published in the latest issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that women were extremely turned off by the "putrid" smell of dudes who were infected with a sexually transmitted infection.

"Our research revealed that infection disease reduces odor attractiveness in humans," said Mikhail Moshkin, a professor at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia.

34 young men, aged 17 to 25, donated sweaty clothing and saliva samples to the survey. 13 of the men were infected with gonorrhea, five had successfully undergone treatment for the disease, and 16 had no STD at all.

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Then, 18 unlucky female university students were invited to take deep inhalations of the Russian men's sweat samples ... and the results couldn't have been more dramatic.

The women said that 50% of the infected men's clothes smelled "putrid," compared to 30% from healthy guys. That's a huge jump.

The study's researchers say this foul B.O. is a telltale sign for women to STAY AWAY.

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"We can conclude that unpleasant body odor of infected persons can reduce the probability of a dangerous partnership," said the scientists.

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Posted By Stephanie (2 years ago)
yes, unpleasant armpit body odor is associated with STD infection. It's also associated with meat-eating: You should check out There is lots of good info on there
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