Want To See What Sofia Vergara Looked Like At 17? [VIDEO]

In Celebs by , on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 12:14 PM (PDT)
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Spoiler Alert: Probably Even Better Than You Imagine She Would

It's often comforting when beautiful celebrities or drop-dead gorgeous supermodels say they were unpopular in high school or claim their teenage years were hell because of their awkward, gangly appearance. It's somehow even more awesome when terrible photos of them in their adolescent years rear their ugly heads.

Sadly for us, that's not the case with Sofia Vergara. New footage of the bodacious star at age 17 proves for certain that she is - and always was - a bombshell.

The unearthed video, posted by TheGloss, is a Spanish-language commercial the young Vergara shot for Pepsi (ironic considering that now, at age 40, she's the sexy spokeswoman for Diet Coke). The biggest difference: we're sure her current paycheck has a lot more zeroes on it that the one she shot 23 years ago.

View: Happy 40th Birthday, Sofia Vergara!

Something else today's Vergara has that her former self doesn't? Her infamous rack. Although the young girl in the Pepsi ad fills her bikini top nicely, she has nowhere near the 32DD cups the Modern Family star is famous for these days.

Perhaps their growth spurt can be attributed to the birth of Vergara's son, who was born three short years after the ad was filmed when Vergara was 20.

And anything else she's done since work completely in her favor. So if she does have a doctor she sees on the sly, we have only one question: can someone please get us his number?


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