Watch: Kevin Jonas on 'Minute to Win It' Sneak Peek

In OnScreen & Music by Susie Anderson , on Tuesday, May 04, 2010, 6:26 AM (PDT)
kevin jonas


Will he win it all?

Do you watch Minute to Win It? We haven't heard a whole lot about this show since it premiered a couple months ago and we have no idea who the target audience is. But we have a feeling, it's about to get a whole lot younger with Kevin Jonas appearing on it.

From what we've seen of Minute to Win It, the challenges are quite tough, but considering you could win up to a million dollars, they certainly seem well worth it. And now Kevin Jonas is trying his luck at the show. Of course, if he wins the money, he'll be donating to his charity of choice: The Change for the Children Foundation.

Kevin Jonas is known for being a bit of a heart-throb. Even though he's off the market since his recent wedding to Danielle Deleasa. We wonder if she'll be in the audience? Even though we're not the biggest Jonas Brothers fans, we're excited to see what kind of challenges Kevin is faced with on Minute to Win It.

According to the executive producer of the series, "We can't wait for Kevin to come on the show and take on some of our most nerve-wracking challenges. We're anxious to see if he can win it in a minute and raise some big money for his charity." Will you be watching?

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