Who Are the Most Popular 'American Idol' Contestants on Twitter?

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, 6:09 AM (PDT)
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But are the followers voting?

This is the first year American Idol contestants have been allowed to set up their own Twitter accounts and it's been a blast watching them tweet so far this season. But do you think each contestant's number of Twitter followers could be an indication of how far they'll go on the show? If so, I think we know who will win!

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Who's your pick to win American Idol? If we're basing popularity off of Twitter followers, then it looks like Scotty McCreery has the lead in the competition! At the time of publication, he has 50,035 followers. But while I know Scotty is quite popular this season, I'm having a hard time believing he's the most popular. Guess there are a whole lot more country fans out there than I thought!

Not too far behind Scotty is Casey Abrams with 48,695 followers. Interesting considering America voted Casey off the competition this week (though he was quickly saved by judges), but I have a feeling many of his fans just aren't voting. Hopefully that will change tonight! Here are the rest of the contestants' Twitter follower counts:

Paul McDonald- 41,181 
Lauren Alaina- 35,078
Pia Toscano- 34,782
James Durbin- 33, 932
Thia Megia- 33,271
Stefano Langone- 30,833
Jacob Lusk- 20,163
Haley Reinhart- 19,390
Karen Rodriguez (eliminated)- 17,783
Naima Adedapo- 15,745
Ashthon Jones (eliminated)- 8,024

While much of this list makes sense considering how the competition has been going so far, I am quite concerned for Jacob Lusk. I think he's one of the standout contestants, so I'm not sure why he has so few followers. And Naima Adedapo? She could be in trouble considering eliminated contestant Karen Rodriguez has 2,000 more followers than her!

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Check out this fabulous piece on MTV News to get all the links to each contestant's Twitter profiles. And start following your favorites. But don't forget to vote!

Do you think number of Twitter followers is a good indication of who will go far on this season of American Idol?

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