Who Introduced Whitney Houston to Cocaine? (Hint: Not Bobby Brown)

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Whitney Houston's Battle With Cocaine Could Be Blamed on This Guy

In a new interview, Oprah Winfrey finds out how introduced Whitney Houston to cocaine - the drug that would send her career into a downward spiral, her life into turmoil and, ultimately, be a contributing factor in her much-too-early death.

With  "One Moment In Time: The Life of Whitney Houston" set to air on ABC on Friday night and her new book "Remembering Whitney" hitting shelves today, mom Cissy Houston has been very vocal about her troubled daughter in recent days.

Yesterday she said that, "Good mothers and good fathers and good families don't always have great children. It's all their responsibility when they get to a certain age to choose their way. She was taught, she knew the way." And, now, comes word that as she and Whitney's brother, Michael, sat down for an interview with Winfrey, some shocking news about the diva's drug dabbling surfaced.

For the first time ever in a public arena, Michael Houston, a song writer who did several songs for the "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack, admitted that it was he who'd first introduced his famous sister to cocaine. Cissy Houston has exonnerated Whitney's then husband, Bobbi Brown, for having been the bad influence everyone thought he was.

Michael told Winfrey that he's "living but not alive" over the guilt he feels in relation to his dearly departed sister. "I feel responsible for her. I always have. I just felt like I should have taken better care of her."  When prompted for more information on the topic by Winfrey, Michael Houston said that cocaine was prominent in the music industry of the 1980s. "It was available. It wasn't a bad word like it is now."

And, as with anyone who has had to learn to live with a bad decision gone terribly wrong, Michael Houston has immense regret. "Every day. Every day. It's something I got to live with the rest of my life."

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