Who Was The Highest Grossing Movie Star of 2012?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall: Is Craig the highest grossing of them all?


Forbes Magazine Has Unveiled Its Annual List of Highest Grossing Actors

Which movie star's films brought in the most moola during 2012?  Think back on the year's big blockbusters and see if you can guess...

Forbes magazine places Robert Downey Jr. at the top of its annual list. The Avengers was the third highest grossing movie EVER (only James Cameron's Titanic and Avatar have made more money)and since RDJ had the biggest payday of the other actors in the film, he gets the credit for the $1.5 billion gross.

At #2, is Kristen Stewart with $1.2 billion. Sure, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 has a lot to do with that sum, but Snow White and the Huntsman also helped to catapult her to second place.

Number three ($1 billion) goes to The Dark Knight Rises star, Batman himself (this time 'round anyway) Christian Bale, while Skyfall's James Bond, a.k.a. Daniel Craig ($951 million) clocks in at number four and Stewart's on again/off again beau, Robert Pattinson rounds out the top 5 thanks to Breaking Dawn ($793 million).

For the full list and to check out the remaining five actors on the list, click on over to

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Posted By GRR (1 year ago)
I love this actor!
Posted By essaywriters (1 year ago)
This article is well thought out and full of good information. Many Thanks for taking time to bring this together into one article.
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