Who's Engagement Ring Is Better? Jennifer Aniston's or Angelina Jolie's?

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jennifer aniston


Welcome to Bridal Wars, Hollywood Style!

Seven years after Angelina Jolie allegedly stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, the battle rages on. Well, maybe not for the two actresses, but for the general public who loves to speculate on an A-list catfight.

The latest hot button issue in their so-called Battle Royale: which of the two women has the more stunning engagement ring. After several years and six children together, Pitt recently proposed to Jolie with a tablet-cut rock surrounded by diamonds totalling (deep breath) 16 carats and estimated at over $500,000. Pitt personally designed with the help from jeweler friend Robert Procop.

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After years as America's favorite lonely girl, Aniston also recently got engaged to the man in her life, boyfriend Justin Theroux. Although she and Justin first announced their wedding plans in August, the world just got a first look at her stunning ring yesterday, when she debuted it during a day out with her beau. According to Us Weekly, Aniston's ring, featuring one large, center cut diamond, is an estimated eight carats in total. Due to the quality of the stone, it also costs around a cool half million.

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So while Jolie's bauble may dwarf Aniston's in terms of size, the women tie in the dollars spent department.

Personally, we think both are stunning and we're happy both women are on their way to wedded bliss. However, we fully expect a slew of "Race to the Altar" stories to hit the tabloids before all is said and done.

But we want to hear from you. Which ring do you prefer?


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Comments (2)
Posted By Kelly (1 year ago)
I'm a fan of the one stone myself so I would say Jennifer's. It's a classic ring for a classy lady.
Posted By Brooke (1 year ago)
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