Will You Jump on Prada's Latest Trend: Socks with Sandals? [POLL]

In Fashion by Kim Muraro , on Friday, September 21, 2012, 6:50 AM (PDT)
prada socks with sandals


(The Only Correct Answer Is No)

Just because Prada puts it out there, doesn't make it a great idea, right? Let's hope fashionistas agree, because the latest fashion disaster could be upon us if shoe lovers decide to buy what Prada is pushing: socks with sandals, reports

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The wacky -- and we're gonna say it, just plain fugly -- footwear was part of Prada's Milan Fashion Week runway show this week and is actually worse than the simple "socks with sandals" description might suggest.

Some of Prada's sandals were platform sandals, decorated with tacky designs. And the socks? Think metallic socks, in a variety of colors.

Frankly, all the socks 'n' sandals shoes on Prada's runway looked not like high-fashion, luxury footwear, but an arts and crafts project gone wrong.

Very, very wrong.

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In some instances, the socks were even worn without the platform sandal, uh, platform, in odd concoctions that can only be described as sandalsocks.

Take a look at our slideshow of the Prada footwear below, and then tell us:



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Would you rock Prada's funky footwear?

  1. Totally. These shoes are high fashion and fun.
  2. Not even if they were free. My kid has made more fashionable accessories with string and dry macaroni.


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