Woman Drinks and Bathes in Her Own Urine in 'My Strange Addiction' Season Finale [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Friday, March 16, 2012, 8:12 AM (PDT)
urine drinker


Yes, You Read That Correctly … She Also Thinks Her Urine Is Helping Her Fight Cancer

Well, they saved not the best, but definitely the strangest, for last: the season finale of TLC's My Strange Addiction on Sunday will spotlight a woman named Carrie who drinks her own urine, bathes in it and uses it to brush her teeth.

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Take a second to stop that impulse to hurl … still there? Yep, 53-year-old Carrie has been addicted to drinking her own wee-wee for four years, and says she's already downed more than 900 gallons of it.

Carrie drinks 80 ounces of urine a day, and, along with using it in her bath water, she also uses it to brush her teeth and believes it helps her treat cancer.

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And yes, fair warning, the episode includes lots of action shots -- Carrie actually drinking her waste product -- along with her assertion that it sometimes tastes like "plum champagne."

The season finale of My Strange Addiction airs March 18 at 10 p.m.

Watch a video preview of the truly shocking, disturbing, episode below:

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Comments (2)
Posted By Abdul Cholik (2 years ago)
yes, in Indonesia there is urine therapy also. They believe that urine could treat certain disease.
Posted By Carrie (2 years ago)
Hi.. It's me...Carrie. You can follow my progress on youtube. 4eyes2sea is my channel name. Come check it out and get the real poop (no pun:)
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