Woman Tasered at McDonald's For Cutting Drive-thru Line

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, February 20, 2012, 9:05 AM (PST)
woman cuts drive thru at mcdonalds
Police use taser on McDonald's drive thru patron


Cut the McDonald's Drive Thru Line -- Get Tased

Cut in line ... pay the price.

That's the lesson learned by one North Carolina McDonald's patron, who cut the drive-thru line and found herself being tasered by the cops.

What happened that led to such severe punishment?

Seems Evangeline Marrero Lucca cut the McDonald's drive-thru regularly, and an employee decided to take some action.

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The Fay Observer reports that Lucca would drive her Ford Taurus to the pick up window and order her food there, rather than waiting at the ordering screen.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff noted, "She did not want to wait in line. They told her she had to go around and wait like everybody else did and place her order that way, that they weren't set up at that window to take her order or take her money. She wasn't having any of that."

The woman wouldn't move her car, blocking the drive-thru for 20 minutes before police arrived.

Debbie Tanna, a public information officer for the Cumberland County Sherriff's Office, said, when the police arrived she was "defiant," "would not get off McDonalds property," and was "threatening the deputies."

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Customer Anthony Rich reports that the police had to drag her out of her car, tasing her twice: "Two or three officers entered the car with her and started trying to forcibly drag her out of the car, and that's when you could hear the clicking sound of the Taser one time." He added, "They pulled on her a couple of times, and then they Tased her again, and when they Tased her the second time, she just flopped out of the car like a fish."

She was charged with second-degree trespassing and her 3-year-old child who was in the car was taken into protective custody.

Lesson learned?

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Posted By Allen Oney (2 years ago)
ACTUNG ! ! !
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