World's Largest Shoe Store Opens With 96,000 Square Feet of Shoes

In Fashion by Kim Muraro , on Monday, October 22, 2012, 7:11 AM (PDT)
world's largest shoe store


You Just Have to Travel to Dubai to Shop There

A pricey airline ticket and an open credit card are all that stands between shoe addicts and the world's largest show store, which opened in Dubai on Friday.

Level Shoe District, located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, offers 96,000 square feet of shoes, as well as an in-house Vogue café and a shoe cobbler who will custom make shoes for customers.

The store carries about 15,000 pairs of shoes, from 250 different brands, including the usual highly-coveted brands like Christian Louboutin, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Level Shoe District will also get certain styles in stock before they're available anywhere else in the world, the Los Angeles Times reports, which adds to the store's goal of being the ultimate road trip for shoe lovers.

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"The whole idea is to create a place for men and women who love shoes, who are passionate about shoes, who are addicted to shoes, who are obsessed about shoes," said Patrick Chalhoub, the owner of the company that developed the superstore.

The footwear market is "a developing market and it has been developing even through the (economic) crisis because people do not stop dreaming," Chalhoub continued.

Level Shoe District comes on the heels of efforts by Macy's -- at its flagship store in New York City -- to capitalize on shoe lovers' quest for the latest foot fashions by opening a 39,000-square-foot shoe section earlier this year. The Macy's shoe store was the world's largest before Level Shoe District toppled it.

Meanwhile, Saks Fifth Avenue has added a dedicated elevator and a VIP room to its 15,000-plus square foot store, a luxury shopping destination that already boasts its own zip code (10022-SHOE).

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