70-Year-Old Skydives 70 Times On Birthday

In Life by , on Thursday, August 16, 2012, 11:30 AM (PDT)
Could you keep up with this old man?


"It's Just Another Milestone"

Larry Ekstrom is not your average 70-year-old. For one, the Michigan man likes to celebrate his birthdays with a bang. And for his latest, Ekstrom jumped out of a plane 70 times in a single day.

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Ekstrom celebrated his septuagenarian birthday with a skydive marathon, successfully completing an equal amount of jumps within the span of just 10 hours.

"It's just another milestone and proves somebody can do something," he told a local news station.

The bearded adventurer, who has been skydiving for 46 years, had a team of fellow skydivers help him with restocking the parachutes. It took eight in all (continuously being restocked while he jumped) to complete the event.

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Ekstrom did the same thing a decade ago, skydiving 60 times for his 60th birthday. Then he did it to raise money for his wife's multiple sclerosis. This time around he jumped for a Michigan organization that helps train seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

So what's next? Ekstrom says that if all goes according to plan, he'll do the same thing in ten years: 80 jumps for his 80th birthday.

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