CELEBRITY PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston Slide 2

Jennifer Aniston Slide 2

Photo Credit: Will Binns,
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Posted By Jane (4 years ago)
About Jen saying retard....well I am sure she meant she looked silly...She did not mean to offend...geeez haven't we all said things that just slipped out and we didn't mean....give her a break wasn't meant to be hurtful it was an accident.....Remember people she is only human and I am sure she will give an apoligy for her silly slip
Posted By QueenCamRothschild (3 years ago)
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Posted By albierta (3 years ago)
Being a woman, I would go lesbian for her. Wow! She is beautiful.
Posted By albierta (3 years ago)
As I woman, I would go lesbian for her. God, she is beautiful~!
Posted By Jeff Diglio (3 years ago)
she should call her ol' buddy Jeff. We'll talk...
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