Breaking Dawn Slide 1

Breaking Dawn Slide 1

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Posted By Walter Maga (4 years ago)
the 4th - Breaking Dawn - should be two movies to do the book justice. all the great characters & story lines involved. read it twice !!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Walter Maga (4 years ago)
Has to be 2 movies -Breaking Dawn- to do the movie justice. Great characters,stories,. Read the book twice, & I'm not a youngster by any means. 50 yr. old men enjoy a good book !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By lulu (4 years ago)
lmfao. she looks kinda like rob pattinson wearing a beanie here.
Posted By Starbright76 (4 years ago)
there will be 2 movies as we all now know but they wont rate them R, why the hell not? I mean can u see them making the birth scene as graphic as it was in the book? NO. Or even the honeymoon scene. PG 13?! they are gonna ruin it! i hope & pray to whoever is listening they get a new script/screen writer! rosenberg sux sux sux sux sux, did i say she sux? she cannot capture the special, intricate feelings that make the series so special to all of us, she loses so much in her translation. she makes it trite, boring, dull, etc. if that's how she saw the other 3 books she turned into mediocre movies imagine how she will butcher what makes BD the best book of em all when she tries to make it in a movie..oh gawd i am in tears imagining it!
Posted By diane (3 years ago)
i think rob & kristen has a history together..they played all three movies together of twilight..& fell in-love with each other..she even married rob & had his baby on breaking dawn..i always knew they would make a great couple. they've got too much incommon with each i agree with life & style they do make a great couple!!
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She's sort of dating Tom Sturridge, so...

Sienna Miller's been linked to Robert Pattinson's friend, Tom Sturridge, in recent months, and word has it that she's flirting with Rob now. Since we all know her background (Balthazar Getty cheating scandal), I wouldn't blame Kristen Stewart for getting irritated with having Sienna around.

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