11% of Men Masturbate While Driving

In Love & Sex by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Thursday, June 24, 2010, 8:40 AM (PDT)
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A long stretch of road...


Crazy stats about masturbation

On a busy day in rush hour, there's a good chance that you have driven by someone masturbating. Yes, touching themselves while operating a motor vehicle. A recent survey shows that a surprising 11% of men admit to masturbating while driving!

How many accidents does touching yourself and driving cause? Probably many more than reported.

A Driver Distraction Study commissioned by Abrams, Herzog & Filippi presented some interesting results: 4,634 cars were surveyed at intersections in Broward County, Florida and New York City, and about 509 of those cars had a diddler inside.

"What was discovered may very well be a major source of accidents on the road" Mr. Stuart Arnett, said, who is the supervisor of the study. "What younger male drivers are doing with at least one hand was most surprising to us all. It is one of those aspects of human sexuality that is not discussed or admitted to nearly ever in the public realm."

Male drivers under the age of 30 were also busy with their hands in other ways. 31% of male drivers under the age of 30 had one hand on an iPod or cell phone, 8% had one hand on the other seat or on the middle panel, and 9% had both their hands on the wheels. Then there was the 11% of men who "had one hand on their crotches and moving [it]," according to the report.

There's even better news, though: footage of the guys touching themselves will be made into a nationally televised program.

"All persons videotaped and photographed have nothing to fear [...] We go through great lengths to guarantee that no one that was observed or taped can be identified in any way. Not by vehicle, clothing or their hands and jewelry worn" stated Mr. Arnett.

Are you surprised at the number of men who masturbate while driving? Any guys care to explain why? I hope you all drive tall cars so the trucks and SUVs don't get a peek.

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Comments (8)
Posted By Dannilicious (4 years ago)
LOL i guess they needed a quickie...what about cleanup tho?
Posted By sally bolton (4 years ago)
this is gross, i dont even wanna know!
Posted By jacob (4 years ago)
Its called having tissue in the car, it is not like your splooging all over the car. I generally only do it on car rides that are 3+ hours. It refreshes me and makes me much more aware of my surroundings than before I started.
Posted By jacob (4 years ago)
Its called tissue. Theres no need to just splooge all over the car, you just pop it into a handful of kleenex. I only do it on rides that are 3+ hours, or if I start feeling really exhausted from driving. It refreshes me and makes me much more aware of my surroundings. It definitely improves my driving for those minutes and most likely some time afterwards.
Posted By Exhibitionist (2 years ago)
I masturbate while driving frequently. Mostly on long drives. I have been caught numerous times while doing this. I find that the female driver who catches me goint to town actually enjoys the show! I have not had a bad reaction from someone yet. It is a huge rush and I have had some incredible orgasms while another female driver watch's me jerk off my throbbing cock!! If your in the west michigan area make sure to keep your eyes open you may just get a show!
Posted By Jessie Makers (314 days ago)
I am addicted to this behavior. First thing I do when getting on the road is pull it out. Then I begin looking for women in trucks or jeeps or SUVs. I find left turn lanes are some of the most productive spots. Often a woman pulls up beside me, and if she fits my profile, I'll stroke it for her. Literally thousands of women have seen me, many seem to enjoy it, some a lot, and the ones that don't just act like they don't see anything. I can tell you the adrenaline rush I get when a cute woman follows me on the left, dropped back a bit... this way they get the full view, and this causes me to jerk it all the harder and take more risks. Even now, I anticipate my next road trip. I don't cum very often while driving, it's more the rush I seek, but when I do, I use a lubricated condom.
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