17 Day Diet: Is Body Confusion Good For Weight Loss?

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body confusion


Would you trust a man named Dr. Mike?

Ah, the holidays. At no other time of year can people eat 33 whole turkeys dipped in barrels of gravy and not expect to somehow gain weight. But, amazingly, that's what happens every Christmas. Lucky for you, here's a brand new diet that will reportedly have you shaking off the pounds with ease. And it's all about "Body Confusion."

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Yeah, I know. It sounds like BS. Which it probably is. But hey, there's only one way to find out right?

According to some guy named Dr. Mike, the new 17 Day Diet designs a specific rotating diet scheme that changes your calorie intake AND the food you eat, creating something he likes to call "Body Confusion."

Dr. Mike says by switching up your eating routine every 17 days, you trick your metabolism into burning fat.

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"As a physician I understand the great importance of weight control in our health," said Dr. Mike.  "As a human being, I understand the frustrations, set backs and boredom traditional diets can bring. I created the 17 DAY DIET to address and combat these diet challenges, providing a safe and healthy way to jump-start weight loss fast and incorporate healthy habits into every aspect of our lives."

Whether or not this works, I don't know. But something tells me that making a habit out of tricking your body into doing what you want can't be psychologically healthy in the long-run. Why not just be honest with your body? That way you don't have to worry about IT trying to trick YOU in some moment of revenge.

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In other words, unless you're prepared to do battle with the thing that controls your bowels, I'd say it's better to just exercise and eat healthy.

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Comments (2)
Posted By Terri (3 years ago)
I would, you know why? Cause I've lost weight! This is NOT a fad diet. I have been on the diet. My Dr. has approved the diet. I know a lot about this diet. If you want to know more please email me and I'll be happy to share with you. Any diet, like this, that contains lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and grains is NOT A FAD. I have been on the diet and lost 40 lbs. I just restarted the 1st Cycle this week and have lost more. I've had no problem keeping the weight off and have lost through the holidays - I highly recommend this diet. IN fact I know close to 100 other people on it who are losing weight. It's that the bottom line? To lose weight and eat healthier. I'd almost have to believe you've done little more than skim the book, not read it or go on the diet. Again, if you're eating LEAN PROTEIN. VEGETABLES, FRUIT and WHOLE GRAINS - which btw is what the diet consists of, then what's the problem? Where's the "fad? ??????
Posted By Terri (3 years ago)
Oh and anyone who would like to know more can contact me through 17 Day Diet on Facebook or at Wordpress. I'd be happy to answer questions for you from someone whose lost weight on the diet not just read the book. I make NO money or profit or have any interest in the book in any way. I only know I've been on a thousand diets, I was a personal trainer and this diet works and is healthy. My blood pressure is down and my blood work has improved significantly.
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