50 Sex Acts You Must Try Before You Die

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Sexy lingerie? You have to try it at least once.


Which Ones Do YOU Still Have To Check Off?

Life is short, and you never know when high cholesterol or a runaway bus or a pack of rabid tigers will end it prematurely. So have lots of crazy freaky sex while you still can. Here's a bucket list of fun sex moves to complete before you die.

Read: Porn Company Sends Remote-Controlled Sex Toys To Soldiers has compiled a bucket list, or "fu*k it list" as I like to say, of 50 things to do sexually before you die. Here are a few to whet you're sex adventure appetite.

1. Kiss A Girl - If you're a woman and this is on your list, awesome. If you're a man who's never kissed a girl and yet is old enough to be worried about his mortality, I truly apologize for how unfair life is.

9. Be Tied Up - Restraints can be sexy when you have the right equipment, and the right amount of trust. No one wants to wake up naked and strapped to the television set while their boyfriend heads off to work.

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27. Sex On The Beach - Crappy fruit drinks aside, most people are too worried about getting sand in their crotches to try sex on the seaside. Just relax and try a little bumping beneath the beach blanket.

41. Sex With Someone Much Older - This doesn't mean you should crash your local bingo parlor in search of a randy senior. Rather, find a distinguished older fellow and relish the many years of sexual experience he has to teach you.

50. Silent Sex In A Full House - To be honest, my first reaction to this one was of an x-rated episode of Full House, where Uncle Jessie and a lady friend have to keep quiet so they don't wake up the Olsen twins. In other words, at least try to be kinkier than a sitcom.

To check out the full list of 50 sex adventures to have before you die, head over to

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Posted By sextoys uk (1 year ago)
Doing Silent Sex In A Full House is really a very hard challenge for anybody. Having sex without any voice is really so hard.
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