A Whitney Houston, Ray J Reality Show Was in the Works Before Her Death?

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 11:15 AM (PST)
whitney houston
Whitney Houston and Ray J reality show


Whitney Houston, Ray J Reality Show Planned

Did Whitney Houston and Ray J have a reality show deal lined up before her death?

New details are emerging that Houston and boyfriend Ray J (he of the famed Kim Kardashian sex tape) may have been trying to shop around a reality show.

Ray J and Houston had been together since she and Bobby Brown split in 2007, though he was involved in a dating reality show.

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The relationships in his reality show, For the Love of Ray J, were just for entertainment, a source says: "Ray was grounded in what was entertainment and what was reality. He was able to separate."

Friends of the couple believed they loved each other, noting, "He encouraged her to be all she could be, to be the Whitney that we loved."

Others believe that Ray J's motives  were less than noble, with one source saying that Ray J wanted to pitch a reality series of his relationship with Houston. The source squeals, "He was just using her like many people did, to get a deal."

Ray J's publicist, Courtney Barnes, tells The Daily Beast: "It was his show, and they shot footage of the two of them together that appeared in the sizzle reel, which was being used to pitch the show."

As for how he's coping with Houston's loss, his publicist shares, "He hasn't talked to anybody yet. He's not ready yet."

As for the status of that reality show, mum's the word. Would anyone tune in to watch Ray J pining away?

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