Alex McCord Sets Things Straight About Kelly Bensimon

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 3:14 PM (PDT)
alex mccord
The voice of reason this season.


Much crazier in person?

I appreciate Alex McCord much more now that she's shown us her "real" side. In the first season and a half of the Real Housewives of New York, I thought that she was too preposterous for words... now she's the voice of reason! Alex McCord spilled about Kelly Bensimon's crazy reveal on the show, and she said that it was even worse in person.

Alex said that she believes Kelly actually came off "better" than she did in reality.

"It was much more [crazy] in real life," Alex told Us, adding "much more crazy!"

If you missed it, last week's Real Housewives of New York was epic. During a sophisticated sit-down dinner, model and intellectual giant (scoff) Kelly Bensimon went on an unprovoked rampage, accusing Bethanny of trying to murder her in a dream and calling Alex a "vampire." 

"I remember the first time that Kelly mentioned that she thought I was channeling the devil. It was in the middle of the soup course!" McCord told Us. "That wasn't the first time that had happened. Throughout the trip, it just came out of the blue."

The newest member to the Real Housewife crew, Sonja Morgan, managed to get all the girls to treat Kelly with kid gloves after realizing that there were serious issues revealed in Kelly's outburst.

"There was definitely a moment when we all clicked into realizing we had to stop picking part all the insane things being said because there's a reason beyond anyone's control, beyond her control," Alex reflected.

The funniest part was when Alex admitted that she asked her husband, Simon, what he thought of the episode after it aired. Since he got a good look at her crazy outing with the wolf pack, he said that he now "understands."

What do you think is wrong with Kelly? Is it a mental imbalance, a weird reaction to stress, stupidity, or drugs?

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Comments (38)
Posted By kimberly (4 years ago)
Okay, this last episode WAS a witch hunt! Bethenny Frankel (heidi fleiss look a like), if she can't control and manipulate someone then she will annihilate them. I was disgusted when I saw her and Alex "gloating" after the PRETTY girl mis-spoke (lemonade incident). bethenny needs to take a little of her own advice, and get over herself. If Kelly didn't say hi to you.......get over it!!!! And Alex, my goodness, maybe you should look into passive-aggressive personality disorder. That message to jill..........CRAZY! What a horrible vacation. Thank God Ramona was intoxicated the entire time or all hell would have broke loose. All that being said, I love the show and can't wait for more. I love Kelly!!! She was the BEST thing for that show. BTW, don't know anyone on this show, live in B.H., and am a single mom....Just a normal girls opinion.
Posted By @Kimberly (4 years ago)
Have we been watching the same show? Maybe you identify with Kelly just a bit too much--normal people don't need to point out that they are normal! That girl needs serious professional help!
Posted By Morgaine (4 years ago)
Kelly is obviously seriously mentally ill. She was not being picked on - she was clearly the aggressor and she made no sense at all. I'm just glad they all got out of it unharmed. I believe she's a real danger to poor Bethenny. I wish she'd get some help. Her wild Twittering shows she's still out of touch with reality.
Posted By j cal1111 (4 years ago)
Kimberly- you are delusional, what's so strange, you probably know it. We like to call people like you contrarians. You need to find the opposite of any argument and fight it to the death, knowing your version of reality is eschewed by some past hurt and need to defend the nut in any argument. You say the show was a witch hunt? Do you know what that means? If you do, then you would understand what you saw on TV and know that Kelly was on the witch hunt, the rest went on a vacation and tolerated Kelly's sniping until they had enough. GET IT? probably not.
Posted By What's thatsmell (4 years ago)
I have been reading many blogs about this episode. Sonja Morgan says 3 times while passing Kelly's room it smells like cat pee. I have read that the drug meth smells like cat pee. I'm just saying. I've never done any drugs so what do I know.
Posted By KellyisCrazy (4 years ago)
@Kimberly - Are you sure you are not Kelly??? Kelly is crazy and nuts. She needs to get some meds.
Posted By angie (4 years ago)
Kelly is probably bipolar, she needs some serious help. badly.
Posted By Michelle (4 years ago)
Kelly is a sociopath on meth. Kimberly is probably Kelly.
Posted By kimberly (4 years ago)
Cal1111, No, I am not delusional, but obviouslly you are!. Just like Bethanny and the others you like to bully and intimidate. You don't even know me and you are already attacking me. Why do you dislike Kelly so much? What has she done that is so horrible? heidi and the devil were gloating over a lemonade comment? Now, I don't really mean alex is the devil and that it was an actual witch hunt....pardon the exageration. I think that if anyone had cameras in their face, with no support, and being constantly nit picked for days by women who don't like them, than anyone would unravel. She isn't crazy. Why do women like you get so vicous and ugly?? Oh that is right you are probably are just that UGLY. LOL
Posted By kimberly (4 years ago)
by the way kimberly is not kelly...stop being so jealous of other women, and take into consideration editing, and watch the episode again...
Posted By kimberly (4 years ago)
cal1111, I just figured it out. You are actually Alex channeling the devil again. Get it, probably not? Now go shave your armpits you troll. lol
Posted By liljjolk (4 years ago)
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Posted By Billie Jo (4 years ago)
I also read that meth smells like cat pee... I suspect that Kelly is a drug user and what we saw last week had some to do with that, Kelly was clearly the aggressor and the others were simply trying to defend themselves. It seemed like every time she walked into a room she was on the attack.
Posted By Hsoo (4 years ago)
well looking at the blog and commets, it's pretty clear Kimberly = Kelly = delusional. this person has also been posting the same comments in numerous blogs about Alex and Bethenny. Also tried to be someone else here by referring to Kimberly as 3rd person but forgot your name reappears when you leave a message continuously. The limited intelligence says it all.
Posted By Kimberly (4 years ago)
Hsoo, I post my real name. Obviously you are the delusional one. I think bethenny (heidi fleiss look alike) has achieved her goal of destroying Kelly's reputation. You would think if a women really was crazy, there would be a little sympathy. But, all I am seeing is a lot of jealous women gloating about this last episode. Nobody talks about drunk Ramona, who by the way comes across completely nuts. Or Alex who puts naked pictures up of herself all over the web, or delivering a passive aggressive nutty message to jill. I don't appreciate people like bethenny who are out to kill. Kelly didn't stand a chance during her first season, and bethenny deserves everything she gets. That is all I am saying. All of the posters, and I am assuming it is all the same people are full of envy or you wouldn't waist your time. Nothing was done to you. I am tired of seeing this girl get beaten down by all of the haters.
Posted By Kimberly (4 years ago)
Posted By LizW (4 years ago)
More bloganalysis here: angelofdevs wordpress com
Posted By whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat (4 years ago)
Dude either Kimberly is a talented troll (who needs a life) OR Kelly who seriously needs to get off the meth and get a LIFE. I pity her daughters. Craycray parents are not a good environment for a child.
Posted By michael79 (4 years ago)
I think it's a little ridiculious that people would think that this would be a drug problem, or that she just had a breakdown. After watching the episode there was obviously something mentally wrong with Kelly, it looks like she is definitley bi-polar and maybe she's taking drugs on top of that.
Posted By maryann (4 years ago)
Kelly is whacked....I think Bethenny ia so intelligent...they way she speaks she gets her point across. The lemonade conversation clearly tells u how unintelligent Kelly really is. Alex is the voice of reason and Sonja is a breath of fresh air. I agree with a lot of people Kelly should lay off the meth. the conversation about the one night stand, Sonja brought it up and Kelly started attacking Bethenny calling her a ho-bag for the life of me i dont knw why she didnt attack Sonja when she's the one who clearly states that she pro one night stand. I think somehow Kelly is jealous of Bethenny....
Posted By Leila (4 years ago)
Kimberly has to be Kelly - that last post sounds just like her, especially the part about Bethenny wanting to kill. Get some help - please.
Posted By Saila (4 years ago)
I work in the criminal court system and know for a fact that yes, meth has the odor of cat pee and it also causes a person to be fidgety, hyper, angry and aggressive. All of these which clearly describe KELLY, aka Kimberly. ESPECIALLY on that trip. Wow, she was out of control. Having said all that, I would most DEFINITELY suspect mental illness of some sort. Perhaps some paranoid schizophrenia. That condition, compounded by the use of meth, or any illicit substance, would absolutely cause that crazy, jacked-up behavior!
Posted By Gloria Reyes-Moore (4 years ago)
Alex M cCord is a fake, a rug shampoo commercial showed her with dark brown hair just last year! not only that if it weren't for Simon she would be cleaning toilet stall at Macy's so she could scrounge aroung the clothes wishing & hoping..... then Simon came along, with money, now Alex thinks she's all 'that', no, no Alex your' not, sorry dear, you are NOT ALL THAT! you are a wimp, weakling, nag, hag, looks like you are on some kind of 'speed' dear, so skinny minnie! you are NOT one of the team, you are a p athetic version of the housewives......just pathetic! can you tell y ou are not well liked by many? we have to put up with you, you are on the show, I'd be willing to bet if it weren't for Simon you would not be dear, no way! go away....... with Kelly!
Posted By lulaonthebayou (4 years ago)
Holy Crap- Kimberly is Kelly... you are saying things verbatim...
Posted By lulaonthebayou (4 years ago)
Holy crap! Kimberly is Kelly... she is saying things verbatim!
Posted By lulaonthebayou (4 years ago)
Holy crap! Kimberly is Kelly... she is saying things verbatim!
Posted By lulaonthebayou (4 years ago)
Holy crap! Kimberly is Kelly... she is saying things verbatim!
Posted By Marlene Dodson (4 years ago)
Alex you are so right Kelli was invited to show her jewelry on "E". Before showing she was asked about Bethenny Frankel. She said she is a Ho-Bag and went on to show her jewelry.How can a person like her be asked on a reality show. I have enjoyed all of you but if I see that big mouth again, I will never watch the show again. She is so rude and not at all bright. I enjoy you and Simon. You make such a good couple. Hope Kelli is not asked to join again as I will not watch the show I always liked. Your friend in Reality. M. Dodson
Posted By dsc60 (4 years ago)
kimberly does sound like kelly - especially with the comment about jealousy. that is always what kelly blames everything on. so ridiculous. nobody in their right mind would be jealous of kelly! for what? her IQ of an ant? her lumpy, bumpy body? her misplaced boobs? her leather-like face? her absent career? her lack of sanity? her inarticulateness? i think not. i literally cannot think of ONE thing to be even remotely jealous of, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. the reason she's always saying bethany is jealous of her is because she is projecting her own jealousy of bethany who has everything that one could be jealous of and she has everything kelly doesn't have.
Posted By Anisha (4 years ago)
Check out an interview with Alex at TheCelebrityCafe
Posted By Suze (3 years ago)
Kelly is not mentally disturbed, she's just plain DUMB. Really dumb.
Posted By KELLYisCrazy (3 years ago)
omg Kelly, we know you were molested and raped as a child but seriously, you're crazy, you need to go inpatient to either a rehab or a mental facility, whichever it is, get help! You are stuck as a child and you probably have a serious illness, so please get help!!
Posted By Kim (3 years ago)
I think Alex is trying to create some sort of drama to keep herself on the show. If you rember the atlanta show one of the original wives was not asked back because basically her life was normal. Alex clearly is not on the same level as the other women (remember she lives in brookin) she had neve been apart of their social circle until this show. Alex and her husband have no class, no couth and it shows. I think it is quite comical to watch them be something they are not. I loved it when Kelly said that Alex and Simon would show up at the opening of a paper bag!!! I love Kelly she is breath of fresh air on the show. She does come from a world of class. I think she has a hard time dealing with the uncultered hence Alex and Bethany.
Posted By Jen (2 years ago)
Anyone know if Kelly ever got the professional help she so desperately needed?
Posted By adrienne z (2 years ago)
Jen - that is so funny - that is exactly why I'm here checking to see if Kelly has done any more newsworthy craziness. She's just too "out there" for me to even keep up with.
Posted By Ashley (2 years ago)
people generally hate in other people what they hate about themselves so, I agree with you about Kelly being jealous of bethenny. Kelly kept saying that all of the ladies on the trip were "dangerous because they are unpredictable" and later says that she, herself, is unpredictable which following her own logic means she is dangerous. she is projecting her faults and what she dislikes about herself onto others and not taking any responsibility for her actions. it is very sad. she is very unstable & I feel badly for her children. as revealed in the reunion, Kelly was asked to leave and escorted home by a producer from the show. she did not leave of her own accord. the people on the other side of the cameras (producers) saw that she was the one bullying the other four ladies (not the other way around) and was having a mental breakdown. kelly was/is clearly delusional & needs mental help from professionals. as for kimberly=Kelly above, remember commenters, you can't reason with crazy which is exactly the lesson that episode (in st. John) depicted. crazy is as crazy does. Kimberly, for what it is worth, I hope you get help, too.
Posted By Viana (2 years ago)
Kelly has serious problems...Mental illness is not a ''privilege'' of anyone...Doesnt she have good friends, relatives, that could convince her to go to a professional? After all she is responsible for two lovely kids... if the show just fired her, they were also wrong! They should make sure she had the help she clearly needed...Im certain we have not seen a lot of bizarre things and thank God the boat must have been full of people/crew. She could have easily harmed herself or harmed someone else. In my oinion she was THAT dengerous...Very sad!!!
Posted By (1 year ago)
its now 2012 and i was wondering if kelly did get help , i have Borderline personility disorder with PTSD and Depression im not on drugs but i act like she did in show after watching re runs i am now seeking HELP bc that scared me to look at her and see myself however i think she is beautiful . Jill was kinda cool a bit of a bitch , Ramona LOL she is a truew blue psychopath im in fear of that woman , Alex is cool , sonia is my Fav i dont remmber any more oh and Beth was cool also
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