Amanda Bynes Had ANOTHER Car Accident!

In Celebs by , on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 7:08 AM (PDT)
amanda bynes
Amanda Bynes in Hollywood Last Week


It's Her Fifth Driving Incident in Six Months!

Someone...anyone...please hire Amanda Bynes a driver. The troubled starlet had yet another car accident last night, which makes five in the past six months.

According to TMZ, Bynes rear-ended another vehicle at around 8 pm last night. The vehicle's driver claimed Bynes was hit because she made a dangerous move that forced the other driver to stop short at sudden notice. Although the cops showed up, no one was ticketed.

Bynes got off luckier than she has for her other recent driving-related snafus. In the last six months, she's been arrested for DUI and accused of three other hit-and-runs. She's plead not guilty to the DUI while one of her hit and run cases is currently being investigated by the L.A. County's Attorney's Office.

Read: Amanda Bynes Popped for DUI After Hitting Cop Car

She's currently driving a rental car because the car she owns is in need of repairs. Several recent reports have suggested Bynes' inner circle feel she needs rehab.

Whether she does need treatment or not remains unclear, but for everyone's safety, she definitely needs to get off the road.


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