Anne Hathaway Will Donate All the Money from Sale of Her Wedding Photos To Charity

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anne hathaway
Anne Hathaway


Hathaway To Donate To Gay Brother's Cause

Anne Hathaway has turned her most important day into a boon for the less fortunate. The Dark Knight Rises actress is giving all the profits from her wedding photos to her favorite charities, including one that helps raise awareness for her gay brother.

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Hathaway, 29, and her new hubby Adam Schulman tied the knot last month at a ceremony in Big Sur, California.

But instead of keeping the ceremony under wraps and risk having paparazzi  leak pictures, the couple sold images from the event to  certain media outlets. And now they're giving the profits to charity.

The couple says all the money will be split between St. Jude's Childrens Hospital, the American Cancer Society and The Girl Effect, a group that helps support destitute young women.

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A large chunk of the money will also go to Freedom to Marry, an organization that promotes the right for gay couples to marry, a cause that hits especially close to home for Hathaway. The actress revealed in 2008 -- when she helped the campaign for same-sex marriage -- that her brother is gay.

Meanwhile, Hathaway is earning buzz as the Oscars race heats up, for not one role but two. Her performance as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises was submitted in the Best Actress category, and her role in the upcoming Les Miserables is garnering considerable attention as well.

The film, which also stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Helena Bonham Carter, opens Christmas day.

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