Baskin Robbins Thinks We Want a Turkey Ice Cream Cake [They're Wrong]

In Life by LimeLife , on Friday, November 16, 2012, 12:08 PM (PST)
baskin robbins


Ready to Gobble (Gobble) Up a Turkey Cake?

I'll tell you what I most certainly won't be eating next Thursday.  A turkey cake from Baskin Robbins.

Ice cream purveyors Baskin Robbins have brought back something from the 1970s that, as far as we're concerned, should've stayed there.

The item in question? A turkey shaped ice cream cake because, you know, what could possible be more appetizing than turkey ice cream?  (Blech.)

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To be fair, the ice cream isn't turkey flavored, it's just been fashioned into the shape of a turkey and glazed to look like its just come from the oven.

Don't think you can eat a whole bird? No problem, participating stores are selling individual "turkey" drumsticks as well.

Would you add this ice cream cake to your holiday menu or will you just stick with pumpkin pie?

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Comments (1)
Posted By Ddub (1 year ago)
Why does everyone on the internet find this weird or disgusting? It's cute. It's like cookie pus or any other kind of ice cream in the shape of... concoction. It's just ice cream. Sheesh. I think it is cool and can't wait to serve it to our guests. But judging by the internet, I think some people will be all "wtf?" Hahaha lighten up. Have fun.
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