Blake Lively And Leonardo DiCaprio Are Living Together

In Celebs by Emma Jones , on Wednesday, July 06, 2011, 8:58 AM (PDT)
blake lively


Is Lively Going To Start Doing DiCaprio’s Laundry?

Despite Leonardo DiCaprio being a Hollywood mega-star, and Blake Lively being an It-Girl, these two are doing pretty well at keeping their romance quiet.

Then again, a quiet romance doesn’t satisfy gossip cravings, so rumors are surfacing that the couple's now living together in DiCaprio’s plush L.A. pad.

Initially, what with all the sneaking around and secrecy, it was thought that the couple had split. Now however, it appears that DiCaprio is smitten with Lively, and she’s been staying at his place, even when he’s not there (and not in a kidnapped-tied-up-in-the-closet kind of way).

By all accounts, Lively has played DiCaprio to perfection, utilizing all of her Gossip Girl plotting experience. If you would also like to bag yourself a DiCaprio, a source close to the Green Lantern leading lady revealed some of Lively’s tactics to Now Magazine:

“She left him in Cannes with models all over him and let him get on with it while she went off on a cooking holiday to Paris and totally ignored him. She didn't call and pretended she didn't care, which just intrigued him even more. She kept him at arm's length until he couldn't take it any more.”

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Lively’s accredited tactics may sound very similar to The Rules (that popular love rulebook that all of us hopeless romantics just HAD to buy), however, if the strategy helped Lively land a Titanic star then she must have been doing something right. Oh yeah, and being ridiculously young, hot and famous probably helped as well.



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Comments (2)
Posted By Dan (3 years ago)
PURE LIES , where is the video of Leo stating that Blake is living with Him ? You trash writers are a joke !
Posted By Jamie (3 years ago)
Please. It is completely obvious and has been from start that Blake is a rebound. She is a prime example of a clinger and a fame whore. She uses guys until she gets the amount of fame and press she wants out of them and then moves on to somebody else. She did the same thing with Penn Badgly, and she tried to do it with Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck. She's a social climber. This relationship is clearly not typical Leo. If it were, we wouldn't have known about it from the start and there would not have been photographs of them taken everywhere they went. Since when does Leo display his love life for the world to see? He has always been extremely protectivce of his private life and those he considers to be close to him. I call bs on this so called relationship.
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