Bret Michaels Is Walking Again

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Plus, his sister says his condition is not fake.

Michelle Sychak spoke out again Monday on her brother Bret Michaels' condition. Sychak says while the experience surrounding Bret's brain hemorrhage has been "eye-opening" -- especially how the media have handled it -- Bret continues to get better every day. Sychak was also clear to address the rumors that Bret's condition was a publicity stunt.

Bret Michaels is the only boy in his family and has two sisters. His sister, Michelle Sychak, has been vocal about her brother's condition after suffering a stroke/subarachnoid brain hemorrhage nearly two weeks ago.

Michelle Sychak laughed that Bret gave her a pat on the back for her interview last week when she appeared again on The Todd & Tyler Radio Empire (here's Radar's clip) on Monday morning, revealing that Bret Michaels is beginning to move around his hospital room. Sychak said she talked to Bret on Saturday, and he's "definitely doing better and was kind of getting up he was starting to walk a little bit." Sychak continued, saying that the blood in Bret Michaels' brain is beggining to drain into his back, causing some pain at the moment. Sychak said, "He's up and moving but it is not going to surprise me if he is still in the ICU on Friday." No doubt staying down would be frustrating for Bret Michaels, as he's known for being incredibly fit and taking excellent care of his physique.

Sychak added that watching Celebrity Apprentice reminds her of how good her brother is as an entertainer -- plus, she said, he's constantly thinking about business and is great to fans. And Sychak wanted to be clear about the fact that her brother's condition is very real. She said she's been online and seen where reporters and some members of the public are suggesting that Bret Michaels is faking being ill for publicity. "It started when [Bret's people] put out that thing about him possibly going back on tour," Sychak said. "I think the way that was posted on his Web site was misunderstood." Sychak clarified, "The soonest that he would ever even have the chance [to return to the stage], in the best case scenario" would be May 26, as Bret's publicist has reported. For now, Sychak says, "There's no way" Bret Michaels could make his return to his music career right now.



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Comments (4)
Posted By Veronica (4 years ago)
This is so good to hear; Thanks for writing about the good news. Get Well Bret.
Posted By Susanne M (4 years ago)
By the way....Anyone notice that Brett Michaels was drinking beer and other alcohol on the show Celebrity Apprentice. As devastating and life threatning Diabetes can be and is for millions, one thing I know for alcohol. ! I was sad to hear about his daughter possibly also having the disease. However, I am somewhat skeptical because of how he used it over and over and over again on almost every opportunity when the cameras were rolling on him. I thought I would prefer a needle in my eye then hear him talk about his daughter as if she were struck with cancer. My dad has diabetes and has done wonderful job controlling it. He keeps to his diet and exercise and shows all of us it can be managed quite well. Brett,,,,I am afraid I must give you a zero for your performance on the Apprentice because I believe you are someone who likes attention drawn to you for publicity sake. Your cause is real but you are FAKE! Boo to you.
Posted By tramky (4 years ago)
This Is a publicity stunt and hoax. My wife had a subarachnoid hemorrhage a year ago. She was in neuro ICU for a month, then a month of inpatient rehab in order to learn how to walk again. A cerebral drain was installed for a week or more, she could hardly move a muscle for 3 weeks, couldn't speak or eat. She had a feeding tube installed in her stomach. This things with Bret Michaels is a crock, and anyone who has ever had something like this happen to them knows it. I'd suggest the media wise up and expose this fraud.
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