CAMELflage Underwear -- For a Smooth Pants Look Every Time

In Fashion by Kim Muraro , on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 5:06 AM (PDT)


Ensure You Never Have a Case of 'Toe

Is it embarrassing to even discuss? Yes. Is it the thing you would necessarily want to invent as your key to untold riches? Maybe not. But is Camelflage, the new underwear that ensures you'll never again walk around with a humiliating case of cameltoe, a valuable product? You tell us ...

As per the Camelflage website, the undies are the handiwork of a woman named Shannon -- she's the Camelflage Inventor and President -- who came up with the idea for the camo-panties during yoga class.

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"Cute tight little yoga pants, front row, right by the big mirrors for the whole class to check out my yoga poses, and something else … the dreaded … 'cameltoe.' That's where the idea for Camelflage was conceived. I looked at department stores, online for a solution for this problem. There was nothing. There were blogs and YouTube videos posted of women complaining about the same problem 'cameltoe,' and how embarrassing it was for them," Shannon writes on the site.

"They were needing a solution too. So, I designed a patent-pending women's panty that has a built in flexible, breathable, insert to smooth out her 'Labia Majora' AKA 'cameltoe.' Covering the insert is a Sportek wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from your body and keeps you dry."

Shannon points out that Camelflage panties will be manufactured in the United States -- nice -- and that sales of Camelflage undies will help support Easter Seals. Again, very nice.

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Camelflage comes in briefs and thongs, in nude, black and raspberry colors and cost $19.99 per pair.

"I am a wife, mother and now a 'cameltoe' advocate!" Shannon writes, though, as points out, she probably means she's an anti-cameltoe advocate. "Helping women all over the world feel confident and smooth one Camelflage panty at a time!"

The most bizarre part of this story? Camelflage isn't even the ONLY "camel toe" repellent on the market. In March, we did a story on "smooth groove" a device that's said to help eliminate the dreaded look, too. Guess this is a real problem for some people.

If you ever try (or have tried) either Camelflage panties or "Smooth Groove" please share your thoughts with us (and everyone else) -- we'd love to hear them!

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Comments (1)
Posted By jak (2 years ago)
oh great a woman comes up with a solution that guys will dread... no more eye candy of cameltoe.. i feel some women like to show how much labia they have .. just to get the guys going!!! or girls for that matter
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