Can Men And Women Be Just Friends? Nope, Says Study

In Love & Sex by , on Monday, September 10, 2012, 2:45 PM (PDT)
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Don't get your hopes up, dude. It was over before it even started.


Opposite-Sex Friendships Can Also Harm Your Other Relationships

Are you stuck in the friend zone? Well, just be happy you're in any zone at all. A new study says men and women who find each other attractive are likely to believe the friendship is a burden.

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire have found that many men and women feel that friendship with a member of the opposite sex can be a negative thing when attraction is involved.

32 percent said attraction in a friendship is a bad thing, while just six percent said it's beneficial. Perhaps unsurprisingly, women were twice as likely as men to list it as a negative part of a friendship.

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Opposite-sex friendships can also harm your romantic relationships, researchers found. 38 percent of women and 25 percent of men said there were feelings of jealousy when their partner maintained friendships with people of the opposite sex.

The study's authors believe our interactions with the opposite sex, even if there is no romance involved, is in part dictated by how our mating strategies have evolved over thousands of years.

"Mating strategies," they wrote, "may influence people's involvement in cross-sex friendships to begin with, as well as unintentionally color people's feelings toward members of the opposite sex with whom their conscious intent is platonic."

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Comments (2)
Posted By PairoDD (1 year ago)
If the two have NEVER been in a romantic relationship, it is possible to be accepted. But if it is "friend with an ex" , the advice is to be very very open about the level of communication between you two... I have been the unfortunate victim of the bf who was "friends" with so many girls, he forgot to mention they were all past romantic relationships. And he forgot to mention that he flirted and sexed with them often. And he forgot to mention that he didn't tell some of them that he even HAD a girlfriend, so some thought they still had a chance... (Who knows, maybe they all still had a chance...)
Posted By Tina (1 year ago)
This headline is very misleading. This study covers men and women who are ATTRACTED to each other, not ALL men and women. Men and women who are not attracted to each other can be perfectly good friends. Don't make the huge mistake of assuming that all heterosexual men and women are attracted to each other.
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