Daniel Craig Signs On For Two More 'Bond' Movies

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Will Make Him Third Most Popular Actor to Assume the Role

Rest easy, 007 fans. Even though Daniel Craig is now the lead in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo films - which is set to have two more installments - you won't be losing him as James Bond. He's reportedly just signed on for two more movies from that hit franchise as well.

The two new flicks will come after the release of the upcoming Skyfall, the 23rd Bond movie made in total, which is set to hit theaters in November. The next two that come after that will be number 24 in 1014 and 25 in 2016.

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After he films them, Craig will have starred in five Bond films, making him the third most widely-used leading man to play the sexy, suave M16 agent. Actor Roger more starred in seven Bond films while Sean Connery starred in six. Actor Michael Fassbender, now famous for showing the full Monty in the movie Shame, has already expressed interest in the role once Craig has retired it.

Sorry, Michael, we're not ready to let him go just yet. We'll take Craig shaken and stirred any day of the week!

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