Devon James' Mother Warns Tiger Woods of Sex Tape

In Celebs by KGaz , on Monday, October 04, 2010, 8:11 AM (PDT)
tiger woods
Tiger Woods:


Tiger Woods sex tape looking more probable!

We reported last week that one of the least believable mistresses in Tiger Woods' stable of mistresses was shopping around a sex tape. Here's the latest on that story...

At first Devon James' sex tape claims were dismissed, but last week we learned that James was after $350,000 for the sex tape she alleges features her and Tiger Woods in the act. Now her mother, Sandra Brinling, is getting involved to work with Tiger's lawyers! So does the Tiger Woods sex tape exist?!

Devon James' mother has said in the past year that her daughter is mentally unstable and a pathological liar...but now that the Tiger Woods' sex tape rumors are out, it sounds like Devon's mom is trying to run interference, which seems to give clout to James' claims that she and Tiger got it on and taped it!

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Now multiple reports (including a reliable one from Radar) assert that Devon James' mother is working to "block the release" of the alleged Tiger Woods sex tape. Sandra Brinling is quoted saying, "I just would not put it passed her to have done this ... She simply cannot be trusted."

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Sandra Brinling also says she went straight to Tiger Woods' legal team when she heard word of the video: "I have called Tiger's lawyers before to let them know what I know." Sandra Brinling went on to say that she feels Tiger Woods' counsel could be doing more to put this drama to a halt. "If Tiger doesn't stop these girls," Brinling said, "it's going to continue and somebody needs to put their foot down somewhere."



Stay with LimeLife for more updates on the Tiger Woods sex tape. Meanwhile, flip through our slideshow of Tiger Woods' many mistresses and pop the blue links for more!

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Posted By Woof dog (3 years ago)
Dang, I wish I had $800 million dollars... I would LOVE to get some 'o deeze womens. You go Tiger!!!! Yea Tiger!!! And he women not doing half bad either. All they had to do was lay down and grow rich!!!
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