Dr. Phil's Son Humiliated a Guest (and Himself) on 'The Doctors'

In Celebs by , on Thursday, October 27, 2011, 1:21 PM (PDT)
jay mcgraw
Jay McGraw, building his fortune on peoples' deformed weenies.


Man Was Promised Free Surgery In Exchange For Appearance

Jay McGraw needs to learn a thing or two about discretion. The producer and son of Dr. Phil has been accused of bullying a young man into appearing on an episode of The Doctors forcing him to reveal his extremely embarrassing penile deformity -- to a live audience.

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RadarOnline reports that Tyler Bowling, 24, took McGraw's production company, Stage 29, to court last year with claims that McGraw's producers played dirty while tricking him into humiliating himself in front of a live audience and thousands of viewers.

Bowling has Pearly Penile Papules, a condition which features lots of white pimples on the penis and which official court papers describe as "not dangerous (but) unsightly and emotionally destabilizing."

Naturally, that's not the kind of thing you want to talk about in front of thousands of strangers. Yet Bowling claims the show's producers lied to him about the show's popularity (they said it was watched only by medical students), promised him free surgery and even made a fake letter from him asking for help.

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When Bowling showed up to the Los Angeles set and tried to back out, producers had to convince him no one would see the show anyway.

"Based on this newly disclosed information, plaintiff immediately voiced his reservations and second thoughts about appearing, (the producer) proceeded to cajole, assuage and persuade plaintiff that appearing was no 'big deal' and that no one would see the episode and that plaintiff's appearance would be anonymous," Bowling's complaint says.

Bowling claims his humiliation was intensified when he returned home, as he was the subject of ridicule from anyone who saw or heard about the episode.

The lawsuit was eventually thrown out, with Bowling not receiving anything for damages from fraud, invasion of privacy and other charges. Even worse, the free surgery he received failed to fix his penile problems.

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