Edyta Sliwinska Tweets Over Quitting "Dancing With the Stars"

In Celebs by KGaz , on Wednesday, September 01, 2010, 8:18 AM (PDT)
edyta sliwinska


"Dancing's" sexiest dancer explains her exit.

Edyta Sliwinska was THE reason any heterosexual male in American has ever watched "Dancing With the Stars." Sliwinska has been a series staple since season one in 2005, always the sport when it came to left-footed celeb partners and itsby-bitsy glitter costumes (seriously, even my mom had a girl crush). But Edyta has announced her departure from "Dancing With the Stars" -- and it's not for the reasons you're hearing.

After 10 seasons on "Dancing With the Stars," Edyta Sliwinska says it's time to move on. "I decided it's time to move on with my life," Sliwinska tweeted Monday, "[to] pursue other projects and finish school." Sliwinska is studying media and communication at UCLA this summer -- "not dance as TMZ quoted," she says.

The Poland native continued, saying that despite the rumors, she and the producers of "Dancing With the Stars" did not fall out over the way they cast her and her partners (rumors also suggested that Sliwinska was upset about how "DWTS" rarely cast her husband, Alec Mazo, in a steady role). Here's what Edyta said about the rumors:

"I never said anything about 'major disagreement with production' of DWTS. We have different views but that's about it. I'm grateful to the show but my life can't be limited to 'DWTS.' I hope you understand. Please know that you guys, the audience was the best part of the experience."

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Late Tuesday night Edyta tweeted in response to fan support, "Thank you everyone for such a nice response. I knew you will understand. My life [is] very different at the moment. I spend whole day studying. Feels great to learn new things. It was always important for me to develop both body and mind. Balance is a key."

Besides school, think the 29-year-old has babies on the brain? Or will Playboy come calling now that almost-edible Edyta's a free agent? TMZ's reporting that Sliwinska remains under contract with "Dancing With the Stars," so we could see her make appearances on season 11, or return for future seasons. In the meantime, we'll miss you, Edyta! If you leave her a (positive) comment below, we'll tweet it to her! (Flip through the slideshow of our fave "Dancing" pros!)



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Comments (12)
Posted By Judy Vaughn (3 years ago)
You were a wonderful part of the show. I am sad to see you go, but I am glad for you. I also miss seeing your husband as a regular. Best wishes for your future and I hope to see you at least periodically.
Posted By Joanne (3 years ago)
Edyta, I am sorry so you won't be on Dancing with the Stars your fans wish you nothing but the best of luck and hope to see more of you in the future on another show. We will truly miss your dancing and entertainment. Especially this season where the celebrity contestants are going to be the worst ever! Maybe down the road you could come back as a guest? Miss you already!
Posted By Mary Lou (3 years ago)
The show just won't be the same without you! What a beautiful lady, wish you the best of luck in whatever you do!
Posted By janet nilsen (3 years ago)
Edyta, you will missed. I have enjoyed watching how graceful you were no matter who your partner was. I'm 62 now but even when I was young I know I could never have gotten into those positions!! It hurts just to think about it! I must admit I did wonder why your husband was not on the show more often but I thought he was busy doing other things. I would have enjoyed seeing you dancing together more often. I want to congratulate you on going back to school and following your dreams of furthering your education. Enjoy!! It will be a joy if one day you can return to DWTS to do even 1 dance. Again, you will be missed. Janet Nilsen
Posted By Kristine (3 years ago)
Thanks ladies! I've edited your comments so we don't flood Edyta's inbox (celebs typically find that annoying) but you can see your messages to her on my Twitter page, @krissygasbarre. Stay tuned here to see whether she responds to us -- oh, and here's an update: she's confirming baby plans! Check out the story carousel at the top of the page!
Posted By Steve Isaacson (3 years ago)
Edyta....I just wanted to reiterate what everyone else thinks, are not only gorgeous beyond belief, you are an amazing dancer. I will SO miss you on DWTS....a BIG loss to the show. Good for you completing school....and, if babies are in your future, have fun, they are the best. ...just make sure you DO make an occasional appearance on DWTS.....
Posted By Theresa (3 years ago)
I will sure miss you. Every season I hoped that they would give you a partner that would finally help you to get the trophy that you so deserved. Good luck with your future goals.
Posted By Joan Bartyn (3 years ago)
You have always been a "class act:" I along with many, many others will miss you.
Posted By Christine Dunn (3 years ago)
Was so disappointed not to see you on the show last night. Didnt know you left the cast. You are my favorite dancer, and seem like a wonderful person. My favorite team was when you danced with Jason Taylor. Good luck to you in all you do. Hope you will make some guest appearances. Thank you.
Posted By Barbara (2 years ago)
so enjoyed watching you dance, sure hope you are back on the show in the future. You were the best female dancer on the show.
Posted By Barbara (2 years ago)
My sister and I sure miss you on DWTS. We hope you will be back in the future. You were the best female dancer on the show.
Posted By Barbara (2 years ago)
My sister and I thought you were the best female dancer on the show and we wish you would return in the future.
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