Emma Stone Dating Andrew Garfield

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Thursday, June 23, 2011, 11:40 AM (PDT)
emma stone
Courtesy of Greg Tidwell (left), (both)


Unlikely Couple, or Totally Hot?

Emma Stone has been linked to an up-and-comer, which is exactly what she deserved. Despite the fact that the pic we chose of Andrew Garfield filming The Amazing Spider-Man makes him look like a serial killer, he's actually lovely and super-talented. A match made in nerd paradise.

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Like many of these stories go, Stone met Garfield on the job. They're both in The Amazing Spider-Man, and apparently they clicked and started "hooking up," an insider said. Stone seems like a cool date, and Garfield's been keeping their relationship quiet because he just broke up with his ex in May.

"They got close during filming and have been hooking up," the insider confirmed to the press, adding "They haven't gone public, but he's told his friends."

It sounds like Us Weekly is keeping tabs on the young couple, who were seen sitting nearby during the MTV Music Awards -- and talking for 20 minutes after. Perhaps it's wrong of us, but we wonder whether or not Mr. Garfield did a little soul-searching (and fooling around with Stone) before splitting with his girlfriend of three years, Shannon Woodward.

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Since that drama's on Garfield's shoulders, not Stone's, we can happily look forward to cute paparazzi pics of Stone with her nose scrunched, and Garfield looking adorable. Hopefully the paps get on this and start snapping, because this is one couple I wouldn't mind seeing more of around town. Their first dual red-carpet walk is going to be positively cute.

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