G-Spirits Alcohol Is Poured Over a Model's Naked Breasts Before It's Bottled

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, October 02, 2012, 4:56 AM (PDT)
alcohol poured over breasts before bottling


Surprisingly, It's Not Just a Hooters Special

You say you're looking for a new alcohol with a little something extra, a little splash of something special? How 'bout a subtle note of boob?

That's the entire premise behind a new German liquor company called G-Spirits, which says every drop of its beverages are poured across the naked breasts of models before its bottled and shipped off to customers (shout out to for the heads up).

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The company sells rum, vodka and whisky, and the whisky has been splashed across the chest of Hungary's 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Alexa Varga.

G-Spirits touts its whisky's "unbelievably versatile flavors … from roasted almonds, dried fruit and toffee, to honey, vanilla, baked apples and cinnamon. Its finish is harmonic, well-balanced, spicy and long-lasting."

And breasty. Don't forget breasty. Or silicone-y, as the case may be.

The cost for this special bottle of boob booze? About $180, plus shipping, just so you can say your liquor touched the breasts of a Playmate.

The bottles also come with a bottling certificate, which includes the signature of the model whose breasts graced it, a naked photo of her and the number of the bottle (it's a limited edition run of 5,000 bottles).

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The company founders, former bartenders, assure customers at their website that they adhere to the strictest health standards when boobetizing the alcohol, and even have "medical personnel" present.

Hey, guys, hate to break it to you, but Dr. Feelgood isn't a real doctor.

Anyway, for those who want the G-Spirits experience without shelling out 180 hard-earned bucks, get yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels and watch this G-Spirit trailer, which is full of scenes of the models dousing themselves in G-Spirits liquor:



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