Grieving Parents Find "Stillborn" Baby Alive in Her Coffin

In Life by LimeLife , on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 9:39 AM (PDT)
stillborn baby


Baby Girl Was Found Alive in The Morgue

An Argentinian couple is rejoicing today after a witnessing a miracle firsthand. 

The parents had been told that their daughter, who was three months premature, had been stillborn. Weeping, the couple headed for the morgue on April 3rd, the day after the birth, to bid farewell to their daughter who'd been nailed shut into a tiny coffin and placed in a refrigerated room.

"My husband used a lever to pry open the coffin," the mother told a local newspaper. When opened, the couple came face to face with their baby who was wrapped in a blanket and looked like she was just waking up. According to reports, the baby then stretched and let out a little cry.

Mom fell to her knees saying that it was a message .. a miracle. And the baby was named "Luz Milagro" or "Light Miracle."

Hopsital administrators will investigate the five doctors who were involved in delivering Luz and mistakenly declaring her dead.

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