High Heels Increase Sex Drive, Says Study

In Love & Sex by , on Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 6:00 AM (PDT)
sex study
These heels were made for walking...


Good news for Payless.

As if you really needed another reason to go shoe shopping, a new study finds that women who wear high heels not only have toner legs, but they also have better, more pleasurable sex lives.

According to the study, wearing high heels tones legs and increases pelvic muscle strength. Pelvic muscles are, of course, essential to sexual performance and satisfaction.

Conducted by Italian scientist Dr. Maria Cerruto, the study looked at over 50 women, and found that those who wore shoes at a 15 degree angle from the ground (about two inches) had more relaxed muscles than women who did not wear inclined shoes.

Think of it like doing pelvic exercises, except instead of feeling goofy while you lay on your carpet and hump the air, you're just out on the town, looking good and being fashionable.

So the next time your guy tries to protest a new hot heel purchase, remind him that you're not the only one this benefits.

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