How To Tell If A Woman Is Cheating

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Sign #7 she is cheating: She ignores your fancy new white shirt.


Cheaters Never Prosper ... Unless They Don't Get Caught.

Catching a cheater is not like catching a criminal. You can't just wait for the SWAT team to bust down their door and handcuff them with a boot on their face. No, the smartest way to tell if a woman is cheating on you is to talk to the poor saps who've been there before.

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Our pals over at have put together a failproof guide to discovering whether or not your lady-love has been sleeping around. Here are a few to whet your investigative appetite:

She accuses her man of cheating: The old psychological switcheroo. Nothing is as suspicious as someone who tries to hide their own infidelities by accusing others. Unless, of course, you really are cheating on her. Then you're both right.

Someone else thinks she's cheating: Whether it's the grocery bagger or that crazy cat lady who lives across the hall from you, chances are that a woman is getting freaky on the side if other people say she is.

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She suddenly wants to know your schedule: If what before was a feigned interest in the boring things you're doing today has now become a frantic catalogue of your whereabouts, be aware that she may be attempting to find a time when she can desecrate your couch with the pool boy.

She starts dolling herself up: She never use to wear makeup. Or do her hair. Or bathe. Yet now all of a sudden she's spending hours getting ready to go out? She must have a new man to impress.

To find out a slew of other ways you can tell if a woman is cheating, or to just make yourself really paranoid, head on over to

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