If Valentine's Day Is For Lovers, Feb. 13 Is For Cheaters

In Love & Sex by , on Monday, February 13, 2012, 2:30 PM (PST)
valentines day


"Life Is Short -- Have An Affair"

Valentine's Day is a time for romance and devotion, for showing the one you're with how much you love them. The day before, however, is for cheating on them. February 13 is now being referred to as "Mistress Day."

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A survey released by, the web's premier site for cheating husbands and the single ladies who leech off them, claims that 79 percent of married men they polled plan to spend Feb. 13 with their mistress.

"Since our launch in 2002, we've interviewed tens of thousands of women over the years and discovered there was a behavior pattern where people were making sure that around certain holidays, if you were leading a double life -- you paid attention to those lives," said Noel Biderman, the site's founder.

The day before Valentine's Day has become such a popular time for cheaters, in fact, that it's now being called "Mistress Day, when men have a chance to sprinkle their secret lovers with their own gifts.

Read: Awesome Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him even reports that men spend more on their lovers-on-the-side than they do on their actual wives. A survey in 2010 found that, on average, cheating men spend $60 on their lawfully-wedded lady and $125 on their awfully-bedded lady.

But don't blame Ashley Madison for these results. Biderman says he's only giving the people what they want.

"Affairs were going on before I started this site, and they will continue to do so long after it's gone," Biderman said. "But people were conducting them in dangerous circumstances — at the office, with a family friend, or going on the singles dating sites and posing as something you're not. I wanted to create a place where they could do it anonymously."

Because who would want to be a cockroach in broad daylight? Happy Mistress Day everybody!

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