In New Movie, Actress Transforms into Anna Nicole Smith [VIDEO]

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anna nicole smith


Anna Nicole Smith Documentary Premieres on Saturday

She may have been dead for six years, but, when people turn in to watch "Anna Nicole" on Lifetime this Saturday, they'll swear that Anna Nicole Smith is alive and well.

27 year-old former "The Bold & The Beautiful" star, Agnes Bruckner may not resemble the blonde bombshell at first glance but, “She went through extensive hair and makeup and then there was a whole process of prosthetics,” Entertainment Weekly writer Lindzi Scharf says.

"Extensive" indeed. But, they worked. “The moment I saw her, I didn’t recognize her,” said Deborah Everton, the costume designer for the film. “I was wondering, ‘Who is this?’ …  And then I realized it was Agnes.”

Every day before shooting commenced, the actress would undergo four hours of hair, makeup and prosthetics with three different experts working to transform her into the troubled Guess? model.  Bruckner, a brunette, bleached her hair, had extensions added and wore prosthetic breasts to best re-capture Anna Nicole's famous personage.

Watch the ABC news report below to see for yourself how incredible the transformation was. Anna Nicole debuts this Saturday, June 29, on Lifetime.



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Posted By Jeri (1 year ago)
I think Agnes did a good job. I didn't expect much but was surprised how accurate Agnes was as ANS.
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