Is O.J. Simpson Khloe Kardashian's Father?

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, September 13, 2012, 2:01 PM (PDT)
khloe kardashian
O.J. Simpson


O.J. Simpson Reportedly Adding Khloe Kardashian to His Will

O.J. Simpson is making headlines again, this time because he believes that Khloe Kardashian is his daughter.

Simpson even plans to add Kardashian to his will, though you have to wonder what money he could possibly have left to leave to anyone.

Last year, Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, wrote a memoir about an affair she had while married to Robert Kardashian.

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She spilled that the timing of the affair was close to when Khloe was conceived.

Jenner called the man "Ryan," and explained how they had "wild sex everywhere, all the time" in cars, pool houses and on tennis courts.

She further explained, "One minute I was making brownies for my friends and having a family barbecue, the next I was in the middle of an insanely intense affair."

She added, "I would tell Robert I was going out to lunch and I would end up at Ryan's apartment having crazy, fabulous sex for hours in the middle of the day. I would drop Kourtney, Kimberly, and Khloe off at school and rush straight to Ryan."

Mother of the year, right there.

The National Enquirer reports that O.J. believes he's Khloe's father, with a source squealing: "O.J. believes Khloe is his natural-born daughter through his affair with Kris Jenner when she was married to his buddy Robert Kardashian -- and he wants to do something about it."

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The insider adds, "At 65, he's tired and becoming increasingly aware he may not ever leave prison alive. He says he wants to ‘do the right thing.'"



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Comments (6)
Posted By ellie (1 year ago)
kris kardashian is such a homewrecker to her own family. it is disgusting to me that a selfish whore can make money off of telling the world about her "crazy intense sex" and dropping off her kids then going to met a man shes not married to. how could they even look her in the face and not want to rip it off? most of this family is trash and i would love to see them be poor, the way they live their lives is purely superficial and there is more important things going on in the world, like say 9/11 memorial on tv, do we really need to or even CARE about her breats implants? go be a decent mom and tech your children how to be classy compassionate individuals rather than to reley on sex tapes and child labor to get where you want to be.
Posted By Fran (1 year ago)
Many so called careers have been launched on the back of the Kim Kardashian sex tape. A tape that was no doubt leaked with the blessing of Mrs Jenner. She is a vile disgusting woman who has passed on her values and morals to her equally vile brood. The saddest part is that in America today many young women looking for fame and fortune will try to go the Kim Kardashian route. Sex sells.
Posted By Yolanda (1 year ago)
I Think They Should Take a Blood Test & That Should Clear Everything...If Not Then There Mom Must Have Something To Hide!!!
Posted By Geronimo (1 year ago)
I have a question for ANYONE to answer for me. I have always found it incredible that Simpson was found innocent of the BUTCHERY of Nicole/Ronald Goldman. The fact that the race card was used, and Mark Furman was the scapegoat. Question is, the murder was on Sunday, and O.J. wasn't arrrested until 4 days after the murder. How could Furman plant any evidence/blood when it wasn't drawn from O.J. until he was ARRESTED 4 days after the fact? He belongs in JAIL for the duration of his life.
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