Jane Fonda To Write Kids Book About Sex

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Fonda Never Had The Sex Talk With Her Own Kids

Do you dread having the "birds and the bees" talk with your child? Then why not let a movie star do it for you. Jane Fonda -- activist, work out queen and '60s sex bomb -- says she's planning on writing a sex education book for teenagers.

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Fonda, 74, said in an interview with the Canadian Press that she's finishing up a book aimed at teenagers that discusses sex -- a frank conversation that Fonda admits she never had with her own children.

"I did very badly as a parent," Fonda said. "I was not good. I think I was a few years too late. But I didn't know enough at the time - that it's not about waiting and then having the quote-unquote big talk. You have to start young, when they're young, and in an age-appropriate way to begin to talk about things sexual so it's no big deal."

Fonda, who released a book last year that explored her newfound sexual prowess once she became a septuagenarian, said she is still surprised by young people's ignorance of their own sexuality.

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"I've spent a lot of time with kids and with parents and it's just stunning how little they know and how nervous parents are about talking," she said. "There's a lot of books about plumbing and how everything works, but ... I talk about sexuality in the context of identity. That it isn't just about intercourse, that to be human is to be sexual. There's nothing dirty or weird about it, and it's important to understand it very deeply."

Fonda advocates becoming what she calls "an askable parent."

"Create an environment where your children feel comfortable coming to you with questions," she said. "If they feel that you're nervous, which you tend to be if you wait to have the big talk, they won't come to you."

And if none of that works, just show them Fonda's infamous sex romp from 1968, Barbarella. Complete with space bikinis and sex machines, the film should mature them real quick.

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Posted By R.S. (2 years ago)
She is also a traitor. She should be treated as such. She showed her true self in North Vietnam. She caused the death of three of our countries military men because of siding with the enemy. They were prisoners and she told the commandant of the prison what they had said to her. Look it up.
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