Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show' Ratings Drop Below Conan's

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Leno is in no laughing mood.

Jay Leno may have won the battle for The Tonight Show, but it's looking more and more like Conan O'Brien is winning the war. Ratings-wise, the lantern-jawed comedian had his worst summer ever.

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In what is arguably the most imortant demographic for advertising dollars, 18-49, Leno posted ratings that were 23 percent lower this summer than they were last year, when O'Brien was host of The Tonight Show.

Overall, summer 2010 is the lowest rated in the history of the late night show.

However, Leno's show has averaged 3.8 million viewers since May, enough to beat his longtime rival David Letterman. He tops Letterman by a large 22%.

As for the other late-night talk shows -- NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," CBS' "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! -- all are at least holding steady.

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Ratings for The Tonight Show plummeted when Conan O'Brien took over last year, prompting NBC to reinstate Leno. The ensuing dispute was comedy gold for O'Brien, who ended up with a whopping settlement and plans for a new show over at TBS.

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Comments (5)
Posted By Virginia Atkinson (3 years ago)
Like it even matters since Conan isn't on the air right now. Everyone is always making anything and everything into a stupid contest, it's just a couple of late night shows. My gawd why do some people alwaya have to make mountains out of molehills over every little thing. There are more important issues that needs to be dealt with rather than worrying over a couple of stupid latenight shows.
Posted By Leonard (3 years ago)
How could it be? Conan was swept aside because his ratings were below that of Letterman. If Jay ratings were below that of Conan, so it make sense that Jay ratings is farther below than that of Letterman. Logic, my friend!
Posted By rick (3 years ago)
Who gives a rats ass!
Posted By bob statham (3 years ago)
Derrrrrrrrrr uh.....blaaaaaaaaaaa
Posted By Joshua (3 years ago)
Leno, Letterman, O'Brien, Fallon, Kimmel, etc., etc. Who gives a flying fu** about those over-the-hill buffoon's?! They think that they're so comical and influential, but they aren't. By the way, there are many more meaningful activities to engage in like sleeping or reading a good book, rather than liquifying your mind with those late night talk cretins.
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