Jennifer Aniston Hates Her Lobbed Hair

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Friday, April 15, 2011, 11:06 AM (PDT)
jennifer aniston
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I don't blame her.

Jennifer Aniston loves to keep things steady and even in her life, from her workout routine to vacation spots. While she cautiously changes her hairstyle from time to time, she did something more drastic this year--below the shoulders to above the shoulders!

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Some might think that Jen's silly for reportedly hating her new 'do, but I've had plenty of too-short-for-me cuts that left me pissed. In 2004, I had my hair cut to right below the shoulders, and it looked SO. BAD. I had '80s hair and looked terrible, and I haven't gone that short since.

The National Enquirer claims that Jennifer Aniston is similarly freaked out:

"While those close to the 42-year-old actress keep telling her how cute the new cut is, 'she doesn't believe them,' continued another source. 'As far as she's concerned, it looks terrible.'

Jen's displeasure with the new hairstyle has brought back a flood of insecurities from her past."

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Apparently, Jen thinks that her lob draws attention to her nose and makes her face look rounder. She might not be wrong, because I recently read a note somewhere wondering whether or not her nose had gotten bigger! I also saw some commentary after her haircut that she was looking "fuller," but it wasn't said in a bad way.

Jennifer will probably always have hair issues. She likes to hide her ears and jawline with her hair, and a shorter hair doesn't give her the same coverage! I'm with her friends, however--she looks cute.

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