Jesse James To Do TV Interview; Wants Sandra Back

In Celebs by KGaz , on Thursday, May 20, 2010, 7:38 AM (PDT)
jesse james


Jesse James makes first appearance since scandal on Nightline.

We've just gotten hold of a report that Jesse James is about to kick off a publicity tour of sorts to begin to clear his name after his mega-sex scandal. His first appearance? ABC's Nightline next week -- and he's going to announce that he wants Sandra Bullock back.

Jesse James will appear in an interview on ABC's Nightline next week to finally speak out about his life before and after his split from Sandra Bullock. It's said he's going to be focusing mostly on rumors surrounding him (I'm not a Nazi!) and his own self-pity (he's a narcissist, that's what they do) but he will admit that he wants his wife back.

No kidding: she's amazing.

If that's not enough pressure, Jesse James is preparing for the court case that a clothing line brought against him a couple months ago. It's said that Jesse's lawyer has written a note to the judge requesting that none of the following be mentioned in the case (from TMZ):

"- Jesse's sexual behavior
- The phrase "most hated man in America" to describe Jesse
- Any mention of the word "nazi" or "nazis" to describe Jesse
- The terms, "monster ... skin head ... racist ... homophobe ... prostitute ... cheating ... cheater"
- Sandra Bullock ... and/or films or photographs of Sandra Bullock
- Any allegation that Jesse engaged in acts involving "moral turpitude"
- Anything that has to do with adoption
- Bombshell McGee"



Meanwhile it's been re-asserted that Sandra Bullock has indeed filed for divorce, so for the few rumors that are circulating about their reunion, it's likely Bullock is simply acting with grace in letting Jesse see baby Louis, whom they were set to adopt together before the scandal broke. Instead Bullock is officially a single mom -- and great at it, according to witnesses who saw her shopping with Louis last weekend. Flip through our Sandra Bullock slideshow and stay with LimeLife for the most riveting updates.

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Comments (3)
Posted By MsIvorySeattle (4 years ago)
Run Sandra and Baby, Run fast as you CAN!!!
Posted By MsIvorySeattle (4 years ago)
Run Sandra and Baby, RUN FAST AS YOU CAN THE OTHER WAY. When the baby get's old enough HE WILL MISS TREAT IT LIKE HE DID YOU!
Posted By wifebeater (4 years ago)
Dont sweat it jesse. Their are plenty of other hos out there. You got to put a ho in her place and let her know a mans got to do what a mans got to do. and if they give you any lip you bust dat azz.
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