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In Celebs by KGaz , on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 9:31 AM (PDT)
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Jessica Biel admits her hiccup-y new habit.

Sometimes, Justin Timberlake, we don't know how you do it. Justin Timberlake is clearly one of the most sought-after males on the planet, and for many of you, his relationship with seemingly-clingy Jessica Biel is a big fat puzzle. Here the 28-year-old confesses that when she drinks, her fingers have been doing the talking.

Should there be bounds on the age and status one can maintain if they wish to drunk-dial? Because see, we really thought this habit ended around 25, 26 at most...but Jessica Biel reveals that when she parties, she pontificates -- in the form of a crunk call.

"Lately I've been drunk dialing a lot, which is really weird," Jessica Biel's quoted saying by our pals at Splash UK. "I literally have no idea what I've done and I get calls the next day saying, 'Listen to your voicemail.''

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But Jessica Biel doesn't admit to calling Justin -- instead, she insists she only phones a friend: "It's just me hiccupping and saying, 'I love you guys' or 'I just wanted to say hey!'"

Our response? Click. And this is a new pattern for Biel, she says. "This has never happened to me before by the way! It's just started to happen."

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Another phenomenon that's started to happen: Jessica Biel's friends are changing their phone numbers. Not urking you quite enough? Then get a load of how Jessica Biel describes her manner of intoxication: "I'm a very fun, giggly drunk," she says. "I don't get mean and I'm not one of those people you get worried about because I just get very dancy and silly and fun."



Because when you think Jessica Biel, you think dancy and silly and fun. Flip through our Justin-Jessica slideshow, and hit the blue links for more.

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